The Beginning

I’ve adopted a system: “Work all week. Slack all Weekend.” I put this system into place for the first time during this week and I LOVE IT.

Now, in this weekend of slack I have decided to spend all day (Saturday) in the computer lab, watching YouTube videos. What a waste of time, right? Wrong. I decided to start first by watching videos of a young lady I admire- she’s a Panda. She reads a lot and reviews interesting books. Also, she is a feminist. Another favorite tweep whose YouTube channel I visited on this day is Ubuntu, who is a male feminist. Notice a pattern?

That is what “The Beginning” is, the beginning of my journey into feminism.

This is my personal definition of feminism, (coincidentally similar to the Panda’s ^_^):

Feminism is the idea that women are independent beings who have the right to make their own choices, and to live with the results of those decisions without discrimination and stigma from the society. I have no intention whatsoever of suddenly getting into an “I HATE MEN” ideology, that is not my feminism.

After having decided on that definition, I am tasked with applying this idea to my life. I have a drafted plan of how I will go about it,

Read. Reading. Reading. Reading and Reading.

Since my plan is to be a feminist in my own right, I have to read up to discover the different kinds of existing feminism(s) and how each or the few I will relate to, fall into my life. My reading will include also self discovery and African history, spirituality, economics, as well as politics because, practically; There is no Self-discovery without the discovery of my home, Africa. I am African, and I am Woman.

“For every opinion you have, read at least 10 books.”

I have yet to read an entire book on any of the above-mentioned subjects, and minimum 10 of each is quite a lot. I am excited. Reading is exciting. Buy me books if you love me.


One thought on “The Beginning

  1. Change is not always good you know, if females can love and appreciate what they have and stop comparing themselves with males, this world would be a better place!

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