What have I done since the year began?

1. I promised myself that I would read at least 3 books a month. I have read only one book this year- I am ashamed of myself.

I did collect plenty eBooks, here is a list of the ones I will read this month:
Bessie Head – When Rain Clouds Gather

bell hooks – Feminism is for Everybody

Vanessa Fox – Marketing in the age of Google

2. Because I have done such little reading this year, I have decided that I will refrain from writing on the internet until I have disciplined myself to be a reader of many books. 

I will continue to read the work of all my favorite bloggers, and from magazines. 

I will watch the news and read newspapers – I’m so clueless about current affairs.

How unsexy is my mind right now?

3. I stared at my nude body in a mirror for hours everyday and promised all this sexiness that I would eat healthy and exercise regularly. I have cut fizzy drinks from my diet and I fell off my work-out routine.

I will begin a 30-day fitness challenge for the month of June. 

I will be consistent with my Meditation & Yoga practices.

I will sleep more.

4. I have decided that I’m a grown woman (let’s forget that I have no bills to pay, no children to support, no man to come home to) and that I should get a job. In the past I have been a waitress, a barmaid and have done odd jobs in sales. I QUIT ALL THAT! My grown self has decided that it is time for something which is challenging and relevant to my life’s career goals.

Wish me luck in this quest to grow up. 

Growing up is NOTHING like what my 8 year old self thought it would be.

5. I also told myself that this year I will get my driver’s license. I am currently able to move a car from point A to point B… As long as there are only 3 other cars on the road; 2 stop signs; traffic lights which will never turn Red & NO on-coming traffic. Basically, I can start the car and do the clutch versus accelerator balance thing. 

Don’t let me drive your car.

Do not let me drive your mother’s car.

The point is: number 5 has been moved to become 2015’s number 1.

That is all I have to say to you as I welcome the New (half)Year!

“It is never too late for a fresh start and you can always start afresh- It doesn’t matter how many times.” ~Lindelwa R


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