If you knew me well enough you’d know that I’m a hopeless romantic who loves heartbreak & to break people. I want to fall out-of-love to feel sad so that I can write out my sadness in beautiful laments of lost love & emptiness.

I hate being happy because ever since I started to feel like this I’ve lost my ability to write poetry which brought me sad memories, but made me happy to read.

I want to be happily sad.

I want to have sadness to express.

I want to feel empty.

That empty feeling had so much inside of it. That empty feeling was a space me to find myself in.

Even if you know me well, you may have no idea how displeased I am with myself for being so happy & getting over my first and only heartbreak. You don’t know that I wish happiness didn’t feel so good & healthy so that I could write again.


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