DOORS & Windows

For day 6 of the Writer’s Boot Camp we received the title “Doors & Windows”…


Doors are doors, you walk -in/walk-out. Doors are a decision. Doors are yes/no.
I will/I will not. Doors symbolize finality – it’s over/it’s just begun.
Right now I’m in my house looking out the windows facing out in different directions.. No, that is not what I am doing. I know what I am looking out at, I just haven’t the courage yet to leave this house – to step out through the door of this house.
But what is courage? Is it a real thing?Is one born with courage which she replaces with fear the way self-help books sing about putting courage in place of fear?

Doors & Windows
I’m looking through the window I’ve been sitting at since the beginning of the year. I removed the tint, it is clean as transparent as the lens in my eye. I’m looking out a door with my name on it – I know what should be inside but I can’t say for sure that it is. Is there anything before I put behind that door what I think should be there?
I’m ready to go now. I am going to put myself inside, I have decided that there is nothing behind that other door.
It is an empty space or me to do what I want in it.


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