I Just Couldn’t Live Without..

I couldn’t live without the question: WHY?.

I was struggling to live with myself sometime ago when I thought that I’m an oxygen thief who is taking away life from someone or something else, which I cannot name, who I thought deserves to be alive more than I do.

Until I asked my Self asked me why.
I made two lists: “I am alive because..” & “I deserve to be alive because..
They both have only one entry: Because I Am.

Books & Television & People & Shoes & Air & Water & Food

When I truly despised myself and told myself everyday that i am nothing – I couldn’t live with myself. I probably would be dead – a suicide statistic – if it wasn’t for the WHY.

Now because of WHY, I’m excited, because I question things & question the questions with the use of WHY. Without WHY I wouldn’t be cautious optimist, I would fall carelessly into anything that came my way. I would still be wasting my breath on negative things to say. I would still wake up feeling unworthy.


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