Who Fears Death, by Nnedi Okorafor

Hello, it’s me.

I recently read an African sci-fi novel from a feminist author, YAAS. If you remember, I vowed to only read from African authors primarily, women take priority over men. Should I compromise on this vow I’ll read from people of color, but NO WHITE AUTHORS.

Back to the Goddess, Nnedi Okorafor. I met her. At African Futures, I was there specifically to hear her reading and hopefully get to chat with her (which I did) and she is lovely. I love that she read her book the way I did with the little voice in my head, we might be soul-twins.

About the book. It’s set in the future, a distant future where computers are ancient and traditional magic practices are widely accepted. That’s what I first loved about it. Perhaps it speaks to my belief that in order for us to move forward we should remember who we are and love ourselves? I’m not referring to that imaginary pre-colonialism Africa was a happy peaceful place when we all shat rainbows and farted out fairy-dust, I’m looking at you traditionalist, sexist African man. Anyway, yes, the story follows Onyenoswu (translated: Who fears death) who is a magical being born of evil and goes on to save the world. Not exactly like that, she’s a “normal” girl, she gets her mensies, she falls in love and does the sex, she makes friends and they fight, she hates authority and is a spoiled brat – I know, sounds just like me, right? That’s precisely what makes this book addictive. It’s *relatable.

And when I was done with it, well, I had that gap left in one’s soul at the end of December vacation. I miss the friends I made in the book and I want to read them again, I want to know if my favorite couples makes babies.

(*My spell-check thinks this isn’t a real word, lol)


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