Several months ago I woke up early on a Saturday morning to attend the inter-house sports day at my little sister’s school. As a woman person in her life, i.e. her older sister, it is my biological role to be supportive of her efforts in whatever she does. At 6am, we packed our edibles, camp chairs and all that school cheer spirit!

As we approached the school, I noticed something strange… several men were in attendance. Perhaps they were driving the kids with their female relatives to the school – we all know that women can’t drive.

It’s a miracle my own mother got us there alive, 7 km of pure adrenaline

Will we die?

Will this woman conquer a skill her gender has been failing at for centuries?

Anyway, we did survive the ride. So as we enter the school premise, there are more men. Sitting in their camp chairs. Looking like they might actually be here to watch their children play sport.

These men were behaving like… dare I say it… like women.

What on earth was going on?

My first question was obvious: If these men are sitting on their bums all morning watching their kids play sport, who is out in the bush hunting for today’s lunch?

Did they leave the women at home, slaughtering and skinning beasts on their own?

What kind of parallel world was I in?

Second question was: How careless must a woman be to let her children go out with this man person who’s only competencies are bringing home the bacon and fertilizing ova. Does he even know how to give hugs? What about dressing wounds, will he know what the child means when she’s crying?

I just think people need to stick to their roles! The world is coming to an end because of men thinking they can be present in their children’s lives!




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