Menstruating SUCKS! (Part 1)

Hi, welcome to 2017. This year I will say again that I’m going to write more for my blog because I say that every winter, it’s another winter and I’m here… writing. 

When my period first started – I was going on 13 I think – I was very poor and had to use tissue paper sometimes. It embarrasses me to say it to other people but that’s what happened. So from the beginning, before the cramps and the drama, my period came as another reminder that I was a near destitute member of society and I’ve hated it ever since.

There are plenty stories to tell but I will share the most recent one: the worst of bleedweek.

It was day two of the bleed and my period had given me no signs that some shit was going down. I felt brave enough to go to work kante ha ke itse! It was a set up…

An hour after changing my diaper pad – you know the ones – I stood up and felt my vagina turn into the Victoria Falls. But a young ho wore a diaper so she wasn’t stressed. Then a young ho returned to her seat to discover that her period had painted the chair red.

Not even a diaper can stop a uterus on a mission!


Of course I had to go home so that I could fold myself into a whiny, emotional mess but this bitch called uterus was not done yet. I was almost home when I felt a tickle on my inner thighs. The crippling pains were replaced by a violent flood of menstrual blood which was spilling into my shoes.



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