I was quite disturbed by a tweet I saw last night, so disturbed that I have decided to write to you why I think it is very important that a woman keep condoms with her at all times. But first, my take on why some women don’t.


1. I don’t want people to think I’m a whore

Even though many of us in the world are sexually active, people will judge me and call me a whore/slut if I have condoms with me.

2. I don’t want men to think I am offering them sex

The contents of my handbag are private, but men have X-ray vision and will see the condoms in my bag. This may lead them to believe that I am in their company to offer sex. It matters not that I have not consented to this sex.

3. It is the responsibility of the man to bring the protection

Despite the fact that we are both adults responsible for our own Self, I hold him responsible for the health & safety of my genitals. I can only cross my fingers and hope he cares about me enough to bring condoms.


Do not let low self-esteem and low self worth allow you to put your health at risk for the sake of pleasing this man who cares not for himself, let alone you.


1.One day/night, an entitled son-of-a-bitch may decide to rape me.

If you find yourself a potential victim of rape and physically overpowered here is a tip: Tell that sorry excuse of a man that you have HIV (or another scary STI) and suggest that he use the condoms you have in your handbag. You shouldn’t have to deal with an unwanted pregnancy or sex-infection at the hands of a rapist.


2. I am an assertive, independent woman who is responsible for her Self.

This is my sex too, and it will happen in the way that is most comfortable to me: SAFELY. I am solely responsible for protecting myself against unplanned pregnancy & sexually transmitted disease. You are honored to have this sex and will do it my way, dear sir.


I’m ready

So to my sisters, do not feel ashamed or embarrassed to keep condoms with you. If anyone of your sexual partners shames and/or judges you he is definitely not someone you should be rolling in the hay with. IT IS YOUR BODY – YOUR RESPONSIBILITY