1 food. 1 drink. My entire life.

If I was to spend the rest of my life with consuming only One food & only One drink, I would be the healthiest person alive. My diet would consist of Fruit (Pineapple, mango or Green Apples) and Tea ( all kinds of tea in the world). I may or may not be cheating, but the theme for this challenge is: “1 food. 1 drink. For the rest of my life” and because I am the queen of technicalities, I’ll escape on saying “One food item” would’ve been more specific and I will never have to live off one food item.

Even sailors lost at sea end up on un-mapped islands with so many fruits on there. Not even they have to pick only one.

I would spend my days swallowing grams and grams of fruit salads & smoothies. All the fruit seeds and juices would blend into creams which I would use to┬áexfoliate. I would be happy. If I had nothing but fruits to eat, mosquitoes – those sleep thieves – would be my source of protein. Let’s how they like being chewed on, those bloody blood-suckers.

I’d be a tea-sippin’ tea sipper. I’d have ginger tea for breakfast & that chamomile just before bed. My skin would glow and my bowels be as healthy as can me, with the dead mosquitoes drowning in my stomach acids & tea.