The Year 2014 (Part two)

Earlier this year I was sitting in the depths of my dark whole of self-pity (you can read about it here: The Year 2014) because I had failed to do what other people expected of me. It was a sad, sad time. I began to doubt my ability to impress and please other people – to hell with figuring out what I want, the people must be impressed. I had decided to shut down my brain and sit at home, emotionally eating (& thus, abandoning my quest toward a sexy beach body) and rotting my brain with nonsensical television programs.

It was after several conversations with my mentor and my genius friends (I was surprised that they could give such sound advice [sorry girls]) that I realized that I must begin the journey to discovering my purpose. That I should be working hard to impress Self.

To be happy, we must not be too concerned with othersĀ -Albert Camus


Not that I want them to actually go to hell. Just that, they should suffer their own hell and I will leave myself out of it. I want to say what happened next is a coincidence but my reading about the occult world suggests that we use the word “coincidence” to express doubt in the ability of the Universe to answer our prayers. So, UN-coincidentally, the Universe, being the loving mother she is, sent to me a vessel (ok, it was a person. But vessel makes this journey sound deep & all) who would award me an opportunity to try something I want to, on my own terms.


I followed the sign, how rude it would be to reject this gift from the Infinite Intelligence which exists beyond my comprehension. She would be disgusted to see me doubt her and would probably leave me to suffer at my own hand, to die before my body is left to the maggots 6ft under us.

I leave you with the wise words of Katherine Hepburn:

If you always do what interests you, at least one person is pleased.